Beijing Biden Urged More Chinese Infiltration

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 •  •  June 2, 2020   

Invited communists into U.S. government, classrooms, boardrooms

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WASHINGTON ( - A 2011 speech by then-vice president Joe Biden at China's Sichuan University demonstrates at best his fundamental orientation toward the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and at worst his outright collusion with it.

In the light of President Trump's dealing with communist China on unfair trade, piracy of U.S. intellectual property and Beijing's handling of the Wuhan virus in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), Biden's 2011 speech takes on new importance and may hint at why the United States finds itself in the position that it does now.

SiChuan University

"In order to cement this robust partnership," said Biden to the crowd made up mostly of college students, professors and administrators, "we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing, which we're working on every day, go beyond it to include all levels of government, go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms," he said. Biden invited more Chinese nationals into American life with the assertion that such an influx would be advantageous for both nations.

But government, education, sports and business are not the only areas of American life into which Biden invited communist China to infiltrate. He also invited the Chinese to ostensibly collaborate with the U.S. military.

"That's why in May we jointly launched the first Strategic Security Dialogue, a new channel for civilian and military leaders to discuss sensitive topics, including cyber and maritime security," said Biden. "That's why it's also important that our military leaders work together, get to know one another — not just our political leaders, but our military leaders — as Admiral [Michael] Mullen and General Chen [Bingde] have begun to do in their recent exchange of meetings."

We have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing.

Biden also wanted Chinese businessmen to more easily obtain visas to work alongside Americans. "The United States should undertake to make it easier for Chinese businesspeople to obtain visas to travel to the United States," he said. "It takes much too long for that to happen. That's not in our interest."

A self-proclaimed Catholic, Biden had no criticism for the Chinese government's one-child policy, with the draconian methods with which it allegedly was enforced, i.e., forced abortion and infanticide. In fact, while Biden recognized the demographic problem this policy creates economically for the Chinese, he went out of his way not to criticize the policy as a moral issue.

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"You have no safety net," he said, warning of the socioeconomic impact of the one-child policy. "Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I'm not second-guessing — of one child per family. The result being that you're in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people. Not sustainable." Apparently, the human rights important to Biden and the Obama administration did not include being free from forced abortion and infanticide and forcing a one-child policy on all Chinese families.

Biden notably goes further to explicitly recognize and praise the communist leadership as being part of the 'success' story of contemporary China.

Beijing Biden's praise for the communist leadership was made clear: "China's tremendous progress in my view can be attributed to the industriousness and talent of the Chinese people, as well as its leadership." President Trump also expresses his goodwill to the Chinese people who, despite their government, display their long history and tradition of Confucian humility and industriousness. However, Biden notably goes further to explicitly recognize and praise the communist leadership as being part of the "success" story of contemporary China.

When turning to American success, Biden made sure to tell the crowd "there's [not] anything unique about an American. It's hard to define what an American is," he said. In his confusion, Biden told his Chinese audience, "Shortly, 50% of the American population — less than 50% will be of European stock. So we are the most— we are an incredibly heterogeneous nation." The vice president failed to mention European history and tradition as well as the profound influence that Christianity has had on America.

Steven Mosher

After pointing out that 130,000 "students from China attended our universities last year," Biden added, "We're hoping that number will be even larger. ... the fact that there's 130,000 Chinese nationals … going to American universities is the stuff which gives me faith," he said.

"The more we can work together, the more our people will benefit ... A rising China will fuel economic growth and prosperity and it will bring to the fore a new partner with whom we can meet global challenges together," Biden continued. "When President Obama and I took office in January of 2009, we made our relationship with China a top priority. We were determined to set it on a stable and sustainable course that would benefit the citizens of both our countries."

This "sustainable course," President Trump would argue, is partly to blame for why China is now a threat to world stability and U.S. national security, as well as the reason the United States economy is now shattered and tens of thousands of Americans are dead owing to the Wuhan virus.

Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute (PRI) and an expert on China, told Church Militant that the World Health Organization (WHO) was complicit in helping China spread the Wuhan virus. "The WHO is a co-conspirator with the Chinese Communist Party in the cover-up that has cost 100,000 American lives, and counting," Mosher remarked.

Late last week, President Trump severed ties with the WHO, depriving it of more than $450 million in U.S. funding.

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