California Law Protects Gay Pedophiles

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 •  •  September 4, 2020   

Supporters claim law erases LGBT discrimination

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. ( - Golden State lawmakers passed a controversial bill Monday that would go far in protecting homosexual child predators.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

A bill passed the state senate Monday, after passing the state assembly, that would end a requirement for some perpetrators of underage abuse to be registered as sex offenders. It now sits on the governor's desk to sign into law. Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Supporters of Senate Bill 145 say it is resolving a discrepancy in the law that treats vaginal intercourse with an underage teen (ages 14–17) less seriously than other sex acts with a teen the same age.

Under current law, judges have the power to decide whether or not an abuser engaging in vaginal intercourse should be placed on the sex offender registry. But if the offender subjects a teenager to sodomy or other sex acts, it is required that he be put on the registry.

CA Sen. Scott Wiener (left)

The measure's proponents seek to rectify the discrepancy, saying the law creates fair treatment for LGBT sex offenders. But critics of the bill say it reveals an attitude of taking sex crimes and pedophilia less seriously.

Conservative Christian news website NOQ Report commented Aug. 21, "Democrats are targeting our children. Look at this California legislation they're trying to sneak through. The LGBTQ community should be outraged that their movement is being used as cover to justify child-sex normalization."

NOQ Report's "About" page says it is "based in Southern California."

According to the legislation, a 23-year-old man could sodomize a 14-year-old and might not be registered on the sex offender list.

Vote Tally

"This distinction in the law is irrational and discriminatory towards LGBTQ youth," says the bill's author, Democratic state senator Scott Wiener, an openly homosexual LGBT advocate.

He also claims California's sex offender registry "continues to draw that distinction — an antiquated, outdated, leftover distinction — that somehow oral sex is worse than vaginal sex."

News Report: Homosexual Acceptance Rising

Proponents of the bill further argue that the law was used for police raids on gay bars.

State Sen. Scott Wiener (center) with drag queens

Wiener says he's been subject to a torrent of anger and death threats online, telling local news, "It's very hard to talk about because I've been the subject of death threats and personal attacks — threatening to decapitate me and send my head to my mother, threatening to decapitate me and 's*** down my neck' and others."

Wiener touts his work on "LGBTQ issues." He has been a part of numerous LGBT organizations over the years.

Also on Monday, the California Senate passed another bill introduced by Sen. Wiener — the Transgender Respect, Agency and Dignity Act. This legislation was cowritten by a number of pro-LGBT lobbying groups. It requires the criminal justice system to let transgender inmates decide whether they are "housed at a correctional facility designated for men or women based on the individual's preference."

Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is expected to sign the bill into law.

Wiener claims the bill "protects transgender people in prison by allowing them to be housed where they're safest, instead of automatically being placed in the facility corresponding to their birth-assigned gender."

He argues the measure will help protect transgenders from assaults by other inmates.

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