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 •  •  February 10, 2023   

A disinformation dynasty

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WASHINGTON ( - An investigation is uncovering a global blacklisting operation targeting conservative companies.

A group called The Global Disinformation Index (GDI) is leading the way in attacking conservative organizations, according to a Washington Examiner report published Thursday. The Index claims to be nonpartisan but urges companies across the world to stop running advertisements on a wide array of conservative websites.

The Index explains its mission:

GDI's founders recognized early on that in order to disrupt the business model of disinformation, commercial companies, researchers and policymakers alike need access to independent ratings of news sites' disinformation risk. These risk ratings are then used by advertising technology companies to ensure advertisers money and brands do not end up supporting high risk websites. Stakeholders also need strong and consistent leadership to help navigate the ever changing disinformation landscape.

The GDI features a list of so-called risky organizations, including:

  • The Federalist
  • The Daily Wire
  • The American Conservative
  • RealClearPolitics
  • The American Spectator

According to GDI, these organizations regularly disseminate disinformation. The index then claimed that — according to its non-bias definition of disinformation — NPR, the Associated Press, Insider, New York Times, BuzzFeed News, and the Huffington Post are among the safest companies to work with and trust.

"NPR's online news presented a minimum level of disinformation risk, both based on its neutral, fact-based content and its transparent and comprehensive operational policies and practices," wrote the GDI.

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One GDI memo, which claimed The Washington Examiner was an unsafe source of disinformation, blasted Amazon for running an advertisement on the Examiner's website. While openly attempting to blacklist conservative companies and strip them of ad revenue, the Index claims it is answering a noble call, writing: "There is a robust and growing community of industry, policy, and civil society advocates pressing for reform of this ecosystem, [and] they all need data to inform their actions."

Meanwhile, GDI has issued a memo to the European Union urging officials to take harsh action against so-called disinformation. According to the Washington Examiner, GDI is also working with a network of companies to ensure tech giants like Comcast, Facebook and Google block "unsafe" organizations from receiving advertising opportunities.

Mike Benz, ex-deputy assistant for internal communications and information policy for the State Department, revealed: "The implementation of ad revenue crushing sentinels like Newsguard, Global Disinformation Index, and the like has completely crippled the potential of alternative news sources to compete on an even economic playing field with approved media outlets like CNN and the New York Times."

Benz also issued a warning that artificial intelligence is playing a major role in the censorship war.

Unfortunately, this leveraging of AI technology for censorship is the gold standard now. AI is the censorship workhorse, the secret sauce, and virtually no professional disinformation company in 2023 enters the industry without some AI tech aspect to their censorship scheme — whether that's AI for identifying posts, for flagging posts, for sorting targeted online communities, or for mapping interrelations between different targeted online communities.

Mollie Hemingway, editor in chief of The Federalist, called the collaboration of disinformation groups and the Left "a direct threat to this country — an effort by powerful members of the regime to silence dissent, chill debate, and keep Americans from their ongoing search for truth and information."

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