Catholics Told to Pray Silently as Muslims Might Be Offended

 •  •  June 8, 2016   

Parishioners go to another church where they can pray out loud

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VENTIMIGLIA, Italy ( - Italian Catholics are being told to pray silently to avoid offending anyone.

Parishioners in the Italian parish of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia, a small town in northwestern Italy about four miles from the border of France, were ordered Saturday by a Catholic aid organization volunteer to pray the Rosary silently so the Muslim migrants living in the church would not be offended.

With a population of about 55,000, Ventimiglia has been overwhelmed by Muslim migrants, receiving over 50 every day, many of which are housed in Catholic churches.

ANSA reports a parishioner snapped back at the volunteer, telling him to "bring migrants into another church." The parish priest, Don Rito, instead took the parishioners to another church close by where they could pray out loud.

Migrants have been pouring into the little town on their way to France and locals feel overwhelmed. The mayor of Ventimiglia, Enrico Ioculano, said the situation is "untenable." But the Italian government and Caritas seem to do little to help the burden; already in the first five months of 2016 it has cost the town €220,000, less than half of which will be funded by the government.

Caritas is also doing little to allay the town's burden. While it helps migrants who want to file for refugee status, saying they have "a special channel," in March the local director said the organization can only afford to provide "for a few days" those who are passing through, whether they stay for a day or weeks.

The Lepanto Institute describes Caritas Internationalis as a confederation of 165 Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

It has been exposed by the American Life League as being part of the Marxist organization the World Social Forum, promoting communism, abortion, and homosexuality throughout the world.

The Lepanto Institute published a report showing the co-founder of Caritas is an organization called CORTAID, the biggest aid organization in the Netherlands, and claiming to be a Catholic organization. It is, however, funding abortion, sterilization, and contraception as "reproductive health" in Africa and other places throughout the world.


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