Disney Flops With Latest Woke Film

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 •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 30, 2022   

Gay sub-plots are not family friendly

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"Go woke, go broke" is again the latest situation for Disney, after its new animation Strange World tanked at the box office Thanksgiving weekend.

Church Militant's Nadia Bullock looks at the decline of Disney in its pursuit of pleasing the woke mob.

Once seen as a family centered, moral production company, Disney has fallen far in recent decades.

Several productions have snuck in woke ideology. Strange World's main trailer makes the film appear fun and safe for kids.

But there is a gay teen romance involving one of the lead characters and subtle promotion of the climate change agenda.

The movie cost $180 million to make but barely made $19 million in five days — way below the projection.

Strange World also earned a Cinema Score "B" rating, the lowest rating ever for a Disney animated feature.

Another film that recently tanked, is the gay rom-com Bros.

The Universal film only made $4.8 million, half of the studio's projection, during its opening weekend back in September.

Actor Billy Eichner blamed straight people for the flop, since they didn't show up.

Naturally, most people, especially conservatives, don't want to watch gay men being gay. 

Ben Shapiro, political commentator, The Daily Wire: "The Civil Rights Movement was the high water mark of morality for the Left. Correctly, because the Civil Rights Movement was excellent, OK. And then, we extended the same rubric of 'civil rights' to a bunch of things that are not the same as race. Sexuality is not the same as race. Sexual behavior is not the same as race."

Americans are deciding the future of these companies and the culture with the dollar.

Earlier this year, Disney featured a lesbian kiss in the movie Lightyear and didn't employ conservative actor Tim Allen to provide the traditional voice of Buzz Lightyear.


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