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 •  •  February 8, 2022   

Evidence links procreation with happiness

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New evidence is demonstrating there's a strong correlation between happiness and large families, and the link between both is religious faith. In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Paul Murano examines the social science, which lends further proof of the Church's divine wisdom.

A new survey from the National Opinion Research Center reveals two basic things: A happy population is one that flourishes with procreation, and Americans are now less happy than they've been in over 50 years.

Nastasia Grace, YouTube personality: "Something just pounds on my brain saying, 'You're not happy!'"

The data shows an epidemic of loneliness and depression — exacerbated by COVID lockdowns — has taken its toll. Only 19% of Americans say they’re very happy while 24% admit they're not too happy.

Boiled down, the survey shows two primary causes: a lack of faith and a breakdown of the family.

Steve Hilton, host, The Next Revolution, Fox News: "And we see the disaster all around us — the kids without fathers, the broken homes, the impact on their lives."

With regard to faith, psychologist, professor and author Dr. Lisa Miller found religious people are much less likely to suffer major depression and that religiosity actually thickens the cerebral cortex.

Sadly, a recent Pew Research poll shows almost a third of American adults have no religious affiliation. And a lack of faith is linked to a lack of children.

America's annual birth rate fell six straight years, reaching its lowest point ever in 2020. It's now half of what it was in the early 1960s — before the sexual revolution began with the birth control pill.

Kent Niebuhr, Catholic father of seven and former stay-at-home dad: "It makes sense that having more children would make you happier because it really pulls away the disillusions of pursuing happiness in material things."

And fewer people are getting married. According to a 2020 report from the Institute for Family Studies or IFS, never-married adults increased over 100% since 1970. And it's no surprise since the divorce rate hovered at around 50%.

It's also no surprise that sins of lust are primary factors in divorce. A 2019 Florida State study found attitudes toward premarital sex are a major factor. This was confirmed in a 2019 IFS survey showing married couples who've had sexual relations only with their spouses were markedly happier than those who had other intimate partners before marriage. Further, couples using artificial contraception are much more likely to divorce.

The Church has always taught sexual intimacy belongs only in marriage and that large families are a blessing from God.

Niebuhr: "That's where happiness lies, in love."

These studies prove what has always been true: People who live contrary to Catholic doctrine cannot be happy.

The average fertility rate in America has been decreasing since the industrial revolution from seven children per family in 1800 to around four in 1960, to less than two in recent times. More technology doesn't always mean more flourishing and happiness.

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