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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  •  February 11, 2022   

Truckers surround modern-day 'Jericho'

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The noise made by truckers protesting COVID-based tyranny in Ottawa and elsewhere is reminiscent of the noise made by God's chosen people around Jericho when its walls fell.


All the marchers let out such a loud cry

that Jericho's walls crumbled

One thing that figured prominently in the Hebrews' takeover of Jericho, as described in the book of Joshua, was noise! As the Hebrews marched repeatedly around the walled city of Jericho, the key to their successful destruction of this Amorite stronghold in the land of Canaan was the raising of a tremendous din to Heaven. It must have been one noisy whoop! As Scripture records, upon being signaled, all the marchers let out such a loud cry that Jericho's walls crumbled. 

Archeologists speculate that the mud-brick walls of Jericho were structurally unsound. They note Jericho was enclosed by two walls made of mud that (supposedly) fell owing to an earthquake. Jericho's fall occurred towards the end of the Bronze Age, around the 15th century B.C.

There is a debate between secular archeologists and Scripture scholars regarding whether the shout preceded the earthquake or vice versa. Scripture does not make mention of an earthquake, but this question is irrelevant, as God heard the loud cry of His people and Jericho's walls crumbled — thus delivering the Amorite stronghold to them.

Identifying himself to Joshua as "the commander of the army of the Lord," St. Michael the Archangel features prominently in the Hebrews' destruction of Jericho. He gave Joshua explicit instructions concerning how to take the Amorite stronghold, as follows:

And to Joshua the Lord said [by the archangel], "I have delivered Jericho, its king and its warriors into your power. Have all the soldiers circle the city, marching once around it. Do this for six days, with seven priests carrying rams' horns ahead of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, and have the priests blow the horns. When they give a long blast on the ram's horns and you hear the sound of the horn, all the people shall shout aloud. The wall of the city will collapse, and the people shall attack straight ahead."

Joshua and his people followed these instructions perfectly.

Per the archangel's instructions, Joshua commanded the people, "Do not shout or make any noise or outcry until I tell you, 'Shout!' Then you must shout!"

St. Michael the Archangel

The takeover of Jericho proved successful because the Hebrews followed St. Michael's instructions from God faithfully and accurately. The process of taking over the city involved cumbersome marches around the city by the whole community — every day for an entire week. But to the Hebrews' credit, their entire community complied, believed and followed God's revelation day after day. Because they faithfully followed God's instructions, they were victorious and God delivered Jericho into their control. All Jericho's occupants (who worshiped false gods) were killed.

It's easy for modern man, all these millennia later, to pronounce judgment against the Hebrews for wiping out the inhabitants of Jericho, as if contemporary humanity is uniquely qualified to judge what God's hand had wrought through our forefathers in the Faith. Over the course of a few centuries, the Hebrews' successful wars helped to curb the errant and barbaric religious beliefs of the indigenous people in the land of Canaan.

For contemporary men and women to suppose that the people who resided in the land of Canaan before the Hebrews were simply misinformed and benignly offered tribute to their various idols with a few fruits and vegetables in a bowl (perhaps as an offering to a garden-variety idol like Buddha) would be ludicrous. The evil reality that the Hebrews confronted when they took possession of the Promised Land was far from benign, and this has been well documented by archeologists and historians.

All Jericho's occupants, who worshiped false gods, were killed.

The worshipers of Baal, one of the favorite idols among the Canaanites, would sacrifice their own children to this idol when they felt it expedient. Another favorite idol of the Canaanites was Ashera, a goddess of fertility. The worship of these idols involved ritualized sexual intercourse as a regular practice of the cult. To "ensure" a good harvest, the pagan priest and priestess, representing Baal and Ashera, respectively, would have sex in a public ceremony. But God's anger would not let this act go unpunished. 

God's hand was with the Hebrews as they took possession of the Promised Land long ago. By their obedience to the Almighty, the process of exorcising the land from these various demonic cults was off to a good start. We should learn from our Hebrew forefathers in the Faith and initiate a battle to take back our land from the enemies who are attempting to overtake our Church and country. But we shouldn't think that the liberals who are trying to enshrine abortion and sodomy as some sort of a sacrament will let these idols go without a pitched fight. The Marxists who are overtaking our public school system (pushing things like critical race theory, LGBTQ rights, feminism, sexual liberation and secularism) will also not let go of their control without a fight.

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One battle currently underway for the rights of the common man features truckers. They're not known for being particularly sophisticated or pious, but they are known for being tenacious in fighting this current war against tyranny. Canadian truckers, for example, have pitched a siege against the globalists' vaccine mandates in Ottawa.

For more than a week, thousands of truckers have converged in Canada's capital city. They're showing Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and other globalists that they have had enough of forced COVID jabs and other civil rights violations. The army of at least 50,000 truckers, in a very loud fashion, are showing that they've had enough of their human rights being violated by the Canadian government. By their noisy gathering, they hope to bring an end to the COVID insanity that has stripped them of their civil rights. 

As the truckers' siege of Ottawa continues, it remains to be seen exactly how this war against the globalists will end. The truckers may very well lose their battle against Trudeau if he should intervene heavy-handedly — such as by using the military. But by their impressive numbers and sheer determination, the truckers' noisy protest has still been heard by the world. And the message is clear — people are not going to take any more globalist authoritarianism without serious pushback.

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The war has begun. But, unlike with prior wars, the battlefront will not be a fixed one. There is no literal wall encircling Ottawa that needs to be breached. The war that has begun against the globalists has multiple fronts in multiple cities, nations and venues. This war will be won by winning multiple battles in the media as well as in on the ground. There will be casualties both on the part of those fighting for civil liberties against the globalists as well as among the globalists attempting to assert their dictatorial control over all of humanity. Trudeau, at this point in time, may be one of their first casualties. Although he advocated for masks from the beginning of the COVID tyranny, his mask is now off thanks to the convoy of Canadian truckers, some 50,000 strong.

People are not going to take any more globalist authoritarian dictates without serious pushback.

Trudeau's repeated lies and gaslighting of the truckers' caravan has revealed to all the world his true character and just where his allegiance is — and it's not with churchgoing Canadians. It's hard to imagine Trudeau ever winning another election for prime minister although, as was demonstrated in the 2020 U.S. presidential race, voter fraud can even put an unelected man in the White House.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

As the Hebrews made clear after successfully taking over the land of Canaan, there is but one God, and no other gods should be worshiped. The idols of materialism, sex, abortion and sodomy all need to be vanquished. A real battle has begun in Canada for the civil and religious liberties of that nation. As of the writing of this article, truckers in Australia, as well as in the United States, are developing strategies on how to initiate similar pitched battles within their own countries.

One way we can all assist in winning this war is through our fervent prayers and repeated Rosaries, said on our knees. Keep in mind that Our Lord has already won the war, despite recent battles being won by globalists during this COVID tyranny over the past couple of years.

If a group of truckers making a big din can bring a nation and its prime minister to heel, just think what a group of doctors might do if they band together against the jab or, for that matter, what a group of priests could accomplish when banded together against abortion-tainted vaccines? For the faithful, there's still a lot of hope, and this war is far from lost.

So be men of faith. Hope in the Lord, and have your St. Michael prayer memorized. If St. Michael helped the ancient Hebrews overcome their enemies, he will aid us as well.

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