Persecuted Priests

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 •  •  February 17, 2021   

Bishops strong-arming faithful priests

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While clerical sex abuse has been in the headlines for a while, one facet of such abuse has largely been ignored: the abuse of priests by those with authority over them, the bishops.

Ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick is the most high-profile prelate to be defrocked — owing to decades of homosexual predation. His prey was not just adolescent boys, but grown priests and seminarians. He also allegedly ran a priest sex-ring out of his New Jersey beach house.

McCarrick appears as a demonic creep of the highest order but was — and continues to be — protected by fellow bishops in positions of authority. These men knew for decades that McCarrick was hitting on seminarians, taking priests to his beach houses for sodomy, and they just kept smiling.

When bishops are considered in this light, it's easy to see how they can think nothing of completely destroying the reputations and vocations of faithful Catholic men who have been ordained to the priesthood.

In the case of Fr. Mark White, who was ordained by homo-predator McCarrick, it's horrifying to know his bishop suspended him simply because he called for transparency and accountability.

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White revealed, "In 2018, though, like many Catholics, I was shaken when news emerged of sexual abuse by Cdl. Theodore McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington."

He continued, "When I learned of McCarrick's misbehavior and the surrounding cover-up, I was deeply upset. I had received Holy Orders from a criminal — and felt a responsibility to explore how my Church had failed."

In an exclusive interview with Church Militant in November, White read his open letter to Theodore McCarrick, saying the prelate "had no right" to lay hands on him or on children making their confirmations or, for that matter, to become the archbishop of Washington, D.C.

This is a common weapon employed by bishops (who want to silence priests for asking too many questions and who refuse to go along with the systemic cover-up).

Despite Fr. White's legitimate questions, he was censured by his bishop and stripped of his ability to publicly perform his priestly duties.

This is a common weapon employed by bishops (who want to silence priests for asking too many questions and who refuse to go along with the systemic cover-up). How can things become better if the successors of the Apostles are so corrupt, even to the point of persecuting faithful priests?

The truth must always be exposed no matter the cost, no matter how much evil men try to hide it. There must always be martyrs for the truth, and some of them (like Fr. White, Chicago's Fr. Paul Kalchik and Detroit's Fr. Eduard Perrone) will be martyred by a corrupt hierarchy just like their crucified Savior was. These priests need our prayers — as do the bishops persecuting them.

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