Pro-Lifers Warn of MI Becoming Abortion Capital

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 •  •  October 10, 2022   

'Death industry' on the rise

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DETROIT ( - The number of women traveling to Michigan for abortions is rising, and pro-lifers are warning of the danger the future holds.

Paula Thorton Greear, CEO, Planned Parenthood of MI

The Detroit Free Press recently learned from Planned Parenthood of Michigan (PPMI) that out-of-state patients make up about 20% of all abortions.

Paula Thorton Greear, CEO and president of PPMI, stated, "If the previous weekly average was 18, the new average would be around 42 and sometimes as high as 58 in a week."

"It's going to be horrible for Michigan. The earth should open up and swallow this state. It will be so vile," Pro-Life Michigan director Lynn Mills told Church Militant Friday. 

In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health ruling — which effectively eliminated Roe v. Wade by silencing federal law on abortion, pushing to the states decisions about abortion's legality — Michigan's Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order refusing to extradite women who travel to Michigan for an abortion.

As a result, Michigan is becoming a destination state for women who want to kill their child.

Abortion on the Ballot

Unlike states like Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming — which have signed laws to limit the slaughter of the unborn — states like Kansas, California, Vermont and Michigan have turned to citizens hoping to enshrine abortion access in their state constitutions. 

By voting for Proposal 3 in November, Michiganders have the opportunity to embed in the state constitution child murder on demand. Pro-lifers were unable to derail the constitutional amendment from appearing at the polls.

If passed, Mills believes, "It will make Michigan — "Pure Michigan" — pure abortion. ... [Whitmer] is going to try to use that to bring industry here. What? The death industry? You've got to be kidding."

Mothers seeking an abortion are coming from neighboring Ohio as well as Kentucky and Tennessee — and even as far as Texas.

The abortion business is growing in Michigan, particularly since PPMI implemented an abortion navigator program. The service books transportation, lodging and appointments for women seeking an abortion and also arranges financial assistance for them.

According to the Free Press, mothers seeking an abortion are coming from neighboring Ohio as well as Kentucky and Tennessee — and even as far as Texas.

Mills explains she and her team have seen an influx of abortionists applying for medical licenses in Michigan. Citizens for a Pro-Life Society director Dr. Monica Miller has also seen this.

Miller blasted Toledo abortionist David Burkons for eyeing real estate in Temperance, Michigan.

Dr. Miller told Church Militant Friday, "He's waiting to see what happens with Prop 3."

She is encouraging people to call the owner of the building, Dan Young, and tell him not to rent to Burkons, who is under investigation in Ohio. There is a pro-life doctor already in the Temperance building. Young can be reached at (419) 350-7898.

Dr. Monica Miller

Both Dr. Miller and Mills believe the Great Lake State could become an abortion capital.

Backing Death

A recent poll by The Detroit News and its partners found nearly 62% of likely Michigan voters support Proposal 3. Pollster Richard Czuba noted 1 in 3 "strong Republicans" are in favor.

"As long as those Republicans support Proposition 3, it will be very difficult to defeat," Czuba observed. Even Christians are supporting it, including Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and non-denominationals.

Are these people just ignorant? Dr. Miller explains, "These so-called conservatives are out of touch with the horrid injustice of abortion. They only see the 'needs' of the woman, and unborn children remain an abstraction."

The women know that if they continue with the pregnancy they risk bonding with the baby.

She continued, "The killing of the unborn human life in the womb no longer horrifies us."

Mills offers, "I think perhaps they don't understand the gravity of this proposal. To nine months, perhaps beyond, partial-birth abortion, no parental consent. It goes beyond Roe."

Regarding the option of adoption, Dr. Miller shared, "I can never urge adoption" when sidewalk counseling. The women tell her: "I'd rather abort the baby than carry it for nine months and give it away."

She added:

Why such an answer? Because the women know that if they continue with the pregnancy they risk bonding with the baby; the pregnancy is all about how they feel about it — it's all about them, their needs, their issues, their concerns — and the unborn child's right to life is not under consideration.

Dr. Miller and Mills believe Michiganders need to be educated on Proposal 3 and persuaded to vote "No."

Both of them have information on how to do so on their websites and say it's as easy as making a homemade sign for the yard or standing in protest on a street corner. 

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