The Snakes Are Back

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 •  •  February 7, 2023   

St. Patrick's Day festival to feature drag queens

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DUBLIN ( - This year's annual St. Patrick's Day celebration in Dublin will feature drag queens and other LGBT degeneracy, as the nation continues effacing its Catholic heritage.

Arts Minister Catherine Martin

Last week, Arts Minister Catherine Martin, a member of the far-left Green Party, announced that the 2023 St. Patrick's Day festival will be centered on the theme of "inclusivity." She made the announcement while flanked by drag queens.

"The theme 'We Are One,'" said Martin, "is about inclusivity, and there's no better time than St Patrick's Day to have that welcoming message, that cead míle fáilte, that we are one as a people and to celebrate diversity too."

The festival's 2023 slogan is "Mar a Chéile Sinn," which means "We are one." The festival's website boasts of upcoming "queer performance and art in celebration of Irish LGBTQ+ club culture." Rainbow mafia club culture will be an extensive feature this year as pro-sodomy Cultúr Club will fill at least four performance stages with "Ireland's finest DJs, drag queens, artists, cabaret talent and performers from across the LGBTQ+ community."

The traditional Céilí will also get a queer makeover, with Cultúr Club nicknaming its gay rendition "Géilí," the first syllable of which is to rhyme with "gay." The abominable take on ancient Irish culture will feature "an army of drag performers."

Events will be headlined by the likes of gay podcaster PJ Kirby, drag queens Panti Bliss and Pixie Woo and "queer" singer-songwriter Elaine Mai. Towards the end of the festival, Dublin will host "an all-night queer dance party in Tent Mór," which will include what the festival's website calls "drag fabulosity."

This year's St. Patrick's Day parade through the heart of Dublin will also showcase the Dublin Pride organization. The only mention of St. Patrick himself seems to be the festival's name.

The Land of Saints & Scholars

Saint Patrick is, famously, Ireland's patron saint. Born in modern-day Britain, he was kidnapped by Irish slavers as a boy and sold into captivity on the then-pagan Emerald Isle. Years after escaping, Patrick was ordained a priest and later a bishop, and he began his missionary work in Ireland. Over the course of about forty years, he evangelized the whole Emerald Isle, baptizing everyone from the lowliest peasant to Ireland's king.

Numerous other saints are the result of Patrick's work, like St. Benignus of Armagh, St. Brigid of Kildare, St. Dymphna, St. Columba, St. Oliver Plunkett and dozens of others. Patrick built numerous churches, disbanded the pagan Druids, and, according to legend, drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

But it seems that the snakes have come back. Last month, nonprofit "LGBT Ireland" announced plans to expand its sodomitical agenda across the country — despite Ireland already ranking as one of the ten most "gay-friendly" nations in the world. Every major metropolis in the nation hosts annual gay pride events, demonstrating the fact that the alphabet soup crowd has exerted complete cultural domination over the Emerald Isle.

News Report: Ireland's Angry Trans Mob

And now a celebration in honor of the once-Catholic nation's patron saint is devolving further and further into moral degeneracy.

Speaking to Church Militant, faithful Catholic and Irish Freedom Party president Hermann Kelly said:

Gaelic culture and the Christian faith are the foundation stones of Ireland's unique identity. Official Ireland has now declared war on our cultural foundations as all state agencies play slavish simp to their globalist masters in Brussels. Parents should be very concerned that the cultural and educational establishment are more interested in promoting deviant lifestyles and transsexual indoctrination and mutilation of kids than celebrating our national patron saint.

Irish Freedom Party chairman Michael Leahy, another devout Catholic, told Church Militant:

The St. Patrick's Day parade is the biggest public event in Ireland every year, followed closely by the annual gay pride parade, an event which has now morphed into a month-long "celebration" of intolerance of and aggression towards those who do not support the gay narrative. The St. Patrick's Day parade has now also become very substantially homosexual ... It is emblematic of modern European culture that what had been a commemoration of the man who brought Christianity to Ireland, has now become a cipher for the intolerance of that country's elites towards its Christian past.

Leahy further warned of the Irish state's exponentially increasing intolerance of Catholicism. Such hatred is on full display in the globalist elites' rabid derision towards patriotism, the pro-life movement and public professions of faith.

For example, Christian schoolteacher Enoch Burke is still being persecuted by the government for refusing to call a student by transsexual pronouns, saying that to do so would be a violation of his faith and morals.

Enoch Burke

Another example is the ongoing immigration in and around Dublin. Political elites commandeered Catholic schools to house immigrants and so-called refugees, despite vocal outrage from Irish citizens. Those same citizens are now derided as fringe extremists. In fact, in announcing the sodomitical agenda for this year's St. Patrick's Day festival, minister Martin said of the rallies, "Protests like that are of course a concern. They are the minority by far."

Leahy explained, "Catholicism and Christianity in Ireland today are regarded by our establishment as dangerous countercultures which should not be tolerated. While overt legal prohibition has not as yet emerged, every state-funded nongovernmental organization is suspicious of and hostile to Christianity in general and to Catholicism in particular."

Hatred is on full display in the globalist elites' rabid derision towards patriotism, the pro-life movement and public professions of faith.

Speaking about the travesty that the festival has become, Leahy said, "I can only hope that those who truly wish to celebrate the bringing of Christianity to Ireland by St. Patrick would stay away from this vulgar parody."

Kelly added, "It's now time we turned our back on establishment corruption of our nation and instead held our own parade to celebrate the life of St. Patrick and the faith in Christ that he brought to Ireland."

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