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Resistance Rollout

May 12, 2016  0

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Over the next couple of weeks, Church Militant and our sister organization St. Michael's Media are going to be rolling out a couple of initiatives aimed at reinvigorating faithful Catholics, to help them become more engaged with the Church and Her shared mission.

The first of these is our all new Resistance program, which we've been formulating and asking for your help with in the early stages. Hundreds of you had expressed your support for the overall effort by making a monthly donation. Thank you very much for that. And going on 200 of you have expressed your desire to be very involved as regional or diocesan organizers and leaders to help coordinate efforts in the field.

The major problem with the Church these days is a killer lack of knowledge — a lack of knowledge that is killing souls, a lack of knowledge that is letting error and confusion have too much reign. So the Resistance's major area of effort will be regarding education and information.  Too few Catholics know too little about the Church, Her Glory, Her Majesty, Her Truths. They have been deprived of Her greatness and, consequently, see Her as nothing different than any other religion in the world.

She is totally and completely distinct and different from every other religion on the planet and in the history of the human race. She is the Bride of Christ, the One He laid down His life for and Who will reign supreme with Him world without end. Either a person believes this or he doesn't. It would seem that anyone who calls himself Catholic would automatically think this, but that as we know is not the case.

Many in the Church, clergy as well as ordained, either do not believe this, know this, or are too scared to say it out loud for a hundred different reasons. That kind of short selling of the Faith isn't right. And Catholics who realize the crisis the Church is in are duty bound to do their best to make up for these shortcomings.

Catholics starting at about the age of 60 and then younger are the primary victims of this. And as we look at younger and younger ages, the crisis deepens. Seventy percent of young Catholics do not go to Mass each week, and for most of that 70 percent, it's only a handful of times a year. Catholics have been so alienated from the Faith that they view the Church as just a thing with a bunch of rules, and they don't like the rules. That view of the Church spells nothing less than disaster for the present and near annihilation in the future.

What faithful Catholics are in right now is a fight for the very survival of the Church. This is why a stream of constant errors or confusion must be fought. And regardless of the old expression about fighting fire with fire, you don't. You fight fire with water. You fight confusion with clarity. You fight error with truth, and you fight misinformation with information. This is the goal of the Resistance — to make sure that as many people as possible are armed with accurate Church teaching and understanding, that a Catholic intuition be restored in Catholic minds and hearts, to try and do whatever can be done to counteract the horrible "education" Catholics are being spoon fed these days.

It's also important that Catholics realize they are not alone, that they are not crazy like many wish to depict them. Faithful Catholics are within the minority not just in the culture, but also within the Church. Many clergy have not been properly formed and educated. It was Pope Benedict himself who said that many bishops have not been properly formed in the Faith.

The Resistance is a way to help form Catholic souls in the authentic faith, and encourage them to encourage one another, to meet on a regular basis, not for socializing predominantly, but to reinforce each other, because the Faith does need reinforcing.

So please sign up to become a Resistance member. Just click on the link. There are various problems in the Church that need to be set right — bad teaching, lack of fortitude, accommodation of erroneous notions and so forth. And the answer is not to get mad and gripe and complain and fill up comboxes and sign petitions. The answer is to grab hold more tightly of the Faith, encourage each other in resisting the problems, building one another up, supporting one another, being motivated by love for souls, not anger and frustration.

We must deal in reality, and we must deal effectively. We must become saints in this struggle. There is no other way to help ourselves or others. We need to understand the history of what has happened in the Church which has brought about the current mess. You need to understand this so you can help explain it to others, so you can begin to help them understand the beauty of the Church's teachings.

So again, click on the link and sign up to become a Resistance member today and tell your friends about it. Your monthly donation will help us produce our clergy and seminary weekly podcast, produce our special every two or three week Resistance video, deliver our weekly newsletter to all Resistance members, produce monthly live webinars so we can share notes from other Resistance members, and highlight their efforts and spend time helping you to organize your local fellow Resistance members.

On tomorrow's Vortex, we'll roll out the first of our special Resistance videos that we'll be producing about every three weeks and exclusively available for Resistance members. Please tune in and share as much as you can about this with friends and family. There's much work to be done, and we all need to get to it.

This will be a commitment, and as is the case with all commitments, some other commitments will have to fall by the wayside. Some hobbies or other activities will probably have to be let go of. The disastrous state of affairs requires all hands on deck, and that's what Resistance is going to commit itself to. We are hoping hundreds more of you will be able to do the same.

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